Classroom Observation Analysis

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In one of the rooms I was in there were nine different stations for the children to play at during free play. One thing I didn’t like about the room set up was that the name of each station (Science, nature, etc.) were hanging on the ceiling way out of the children’s sight. Some of the classroom management I noticed right at the beginning of my time at Branson was the tag teaming of teachers. Since there are two teachers to a room, they did a good job both providing structure by maintaining the same standards for the children. They also used a star system for class room management. Whenever a child listens to their teacher or is helpful, they get a start next to their name and picture on the wall. When the don’t do what is asked of them or display other poor choices they get one takes away.…show more content…
The teachers have talked to us a little about them and they don’t seem to be in favor of a lot of the rules the state has laid out for them. We saw a little bit of circle time last week, but this week we have able to observe a little more. We got to see them hold the flag and say the pledge. I am told it is one of those state mandated thing they do each day. A nice classroom management skill I saw with that activity was picking a popsicle stick with a child’s name on it to decide who got to hold the flag. A nice child interaction I have now seen several teachers do is the “flower/candle” trick when a child is crying. Sometimes if a child is upset about something, even if its small, they will get so worked up its had for them to breath let alone tell the teacher what is wrong. Teachers will hold up a finger and say “smell the flower” to help them breath in through their noses and “blow out the candle” to get them to breathe out their mouth. This helps the kids calm down faster than anything I have seen

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