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1. Introduction Food is major source of energy for human being. There are various kinds of food around the world and types of food products keep developing overtime to attract attention from customers. Sometimes food product will be imported or exported to fulfill the demand in food industry. In the previous time between 1800s and 1900s, lack of quantities of food was concern in the global food industry. Effect of Green Evolution which started around 1960s was boosted production and made sufficient quantity of food available. This period was also characterized by rapid mechanization of agriculture which first was occurring in developed countries and spreading to developing countries (Kyuma, 2004). While the food production increases, there…show more content…
This laws and regulations are applied to food producers, manufactures, handlers, food outlets, etc to ensure food safety in terms of hygiene and health. For this purpose, countries around the world have their own governing agency for various aspects of food safety. 2. Food Safety Cases, Global Trades and Economical Effect 2.1 Cases Related to Food Safety which Occur Around the World Food can be obtained from wide ranges of areas, whether it is from sea, soil, farm, garden, etc. Previously, it is known that food safety becomes the main concern related to food. There are many cases which already happened in some…show more content…
In Japan, bacteria is the major agents for food poisoning. Food poisoning caused by bacteria frequently occurs from June to August. During winter time, norovirus became major agent in 2009. While natural toxin, such as plant toxin contribute slightly to total accidents happened in 2009. Types of food which usually associated with food poisoning in Japan are fish or seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and its products, and meat and its products. For places where the food poisoning happened, it was most likely to happen in public places such as restaurants, hotel, and work place. In many occasions, it was also possible if food poisoning happened in home (Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Japan,

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