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After Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, Curepipe is the second most important city of our island both in terms of size and significance. The name Curepipe is gleaned from an eponymous town in France and today it is found only 18 km or 11 miles to the South of the Capital city of Port Louis. Mauritius is an eye-catching island, floating in the Western corner of Indian Ocean. The history of Curepipe being settled with its residents deals with the malaria epidemic that had broken out in 1867 in Port-Louis. This actually caused the people of Port-Louis to move out from the capital city in search of a viridescent and secured place. They preferred to settled out in Curepipe although the place was moist and slushy. This is how Curepipe…show more content…
Les Casernes is a populated place in Plaines Wilhems and although it is less known to people, there are several activities and attractions in this locality that are famous. We are going to explore further on these in this essay. First of all, as soon as we talk and walk in the locality , of Les Casernes, we have the first view of the Les Casernes Multipurpose Hall. As it is very common in Mauritius, every locality has a community centre where the people assemble together and use the centre as a meeting point. Very often, it is mostly the women who join together in these centers since they provide activities such as sewing, henna and make up application, embroidery, or even baking or cooking food. In the same way, the Casernes Multipurpose Hall serves as a social hub where women meet each other. Moreover, Jaynath Buldawo, the Supervisor of the Multipurpose Hall confirms that '' before the Community Centre was created, women and the youth did not had anywhere to meet.'' Additionally, in this Multipurpose Hall, fitness activities such as zumba, aerobics, tai chi, yoga among others are organised. As well as, there is a playground where children come to play in the afternoon or in the
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