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Identifying the Hazards Food safety hazards Food safety is found throughout the food chain and can be described as: 1. Biological 2. Chemical 3. Physical All these three factors are agents that are responsible for the cause of illness or injury in food. Biological Hazards Biological hazards can be caused by the following: • Bacteria • Viruses • Parasites All these hazards can be present in  Air  Food  Water  Soil Bacteria Bacteria are single celled microbes. The cell structure of bacteria is very simple; there are no nucleus or membrane organelles. There is only a single loop of DNA. Some bacteria have an extra genetic material called a plasmid. Bacteria can be classified into 5 groups according to their shapes: 1. Cocci 2. Bacilli 3. Spirilla 4.…show more content…
The symptoms include: • Nausea • Vomiting • Diarrhea • Cramps Rotavirus- This is again related to water and ice, ready-to-eat foods and contaminated water. Symptoms include: • Vomiting • Diarrhea • Mild fever • Abdominal pain Unlike bacteria, viruses cannot multiply outside of their specific host. Viruses can remain alive in harsh conditions such as in a refrigerator, in the freezer or at a low pH. Parasites Parasites can be present in food products and water which can be identified as a cause of food bourn or water borne illness. Parasites can range in size from small single-celled organisms to worms. Illnesses associated with parasite can range from mild discomfort to crippling illnesses and possible death. Giardia lamblia- This is a single celled animal. Sources of contamination include intestinal tracks of infected animals and water. Symptoms include: • Diarrhea • Flatulence • Bloating Trichinella spiralis- This is a nematode worm. Sources of food with this parasite include pork and wild game. Symptoms include: • Diarrhea • Fever • Weakness • Muscular

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