Persuasive Essay On Pitbulls

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Pitbulls are often misunderstood and are seen in a very bad way, the pitbull breed is a breed that is made to seem aggressive but is really just like any other breed. Pitbulls are accused of being vicious and aggressive, which really they are just made to seem that way. The pitbull breed is a breed that is made to seem aggressive but is really just like any other breed. All because a few dogs are aggressive and potentially dangerous, doesn't mean the whole breed is that way. The body of a Pitbull makes they seem very intimidating and unpredictable. Each breed is developed to perform a specific job hunting, herding, retrieving, working, even sitting. “Dog breeds are characterized by certain physical and behavioral traits”. Pitbulls today are crossed with English bull-baiting dog, which their job was to…show more content…
“With the explosion of Pit Bull breeders, thousands of Pit Bulls are ending up in shelters across the country, topping the list of the most euthanized pet”. Thousands of Pitbulls are living peacefully in many of homes today. Some people are starting to recognize that much dog behavior is the result of manipulating inheritance. Often confused with American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which they are a mix of. Only when behavioral inheritance is comprehended, beginning with basic biological concepts, we can have a clear and honest discussion about aggression in dogs. We cannot prevent a dog from being something the dog is genetically made to be. Inherited postures and behaviors are suitable for the body and brain the dog it was born with. Inherited behavioral traits are practically impossible to extinguish because that's how they were made. There is such a thing as normal aggression as Maternal defensive, territorial defense, and predatory behavior. Depending on different neuronal and hormonal mechanisms, and are all normal coping

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