Essay On How To Maintain Food Safety Management Systems

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Understand how to maintain food safety management procedures Food safety, products and processes are always changing. To keep pace with these changes and demonstrate continued commitment to food safety through HACCP compliance, establishments need to re-evaluate their food safety management systems. It is important that you are meeting your legal obligations to keep customers safe. A food safety audit can be used to monitor internal compliance and provide evidence that food is produced in a safe environment and help determine if hazards are properly identified, controlled or eliminated. Completing an audit can provide many benefits: Identify non-compliance (Inadequate or lack of control measures, insufficient training etc) Identify areas of opportunity or continual development Improve business performance Review and update of food safety systems Identify underlying issues (resistance to change, lack of supervision etc) Improve internal communication An audit assesses how well corrective and preventative actions are working and whether they are achieving their purpose. When verifying the effectiveness of food safety…show more content…
If there is a lack of awareness and commitment from employees, food safety management systems fail, because HACCP is only successful when there is an effective food safety culture. Communication and trust has to flow and exist on all levels. It is important that food safety is the number one priority every minute of the day. So, it is essential that everyone feels confident to highlight or report problems and concerns. Staff must be safe in the knowledge that not only will issues be resolved quickly and effectively by management, but also the disclosure of issues will not threaten their position. A no blame culture is the key to the success of food safety. The identification of problems should be seen as 'positive' ensuring good practice and preventing a sub-standard practice from

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