Human Security Research Paper

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GDSS 1066 Issues and controversies in Modern European History 1st Semester 2016/2017 Major Essay Assignment 14221020 Leung Lai Chong 1. Explain the conception of human security. Does human security raise a challenge to traditional conceptions of national security? The Historical background and development of the Concept of Human Security In the post-Cold War world, a dozen of horrendous internal conflicts had taken the lives of millions of people in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The specter of genocide, ethnic cleansing, failed and lawless states and…show more content…
We know that we cannot be secure amidst starvation, that we cannot build peace without alleviating poverty, and that we cannot build freedom on foundations of injustice. These pillars of what we now understand as the people-centered concept of ‘human security’ are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.” From the first part of my essay, we can see that there are many definitions of human security and it is not yet accomplished but generally we can know that Human Security is a people-centered concept, focusing primarily on protecting people while promoting peace, providing a sustainable development , also helping every individual by solving the inequalities which will affect the…show more content…
It also can be approximately applied in many issues: Conflict prevention and peacebuilding, Trafficking in persons, Climate-related threats and natural or man-made hazards,Urban violence, Poverty reduction, social inclusion and community-based development and Health and related

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