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In the dystopian story, “All Summer in a Day,” by Ray Bradbury, it focuses on a girl named Margot who recently moved to Venus from Earth. Through this transition on the new planet, she discovers that the sun only comes out and is visible every seven years. There are several other children who live there, and who are between the ages of 9, meaning the last time they saw the Sun was when they were 2 years old. Disheartened Margot who had been living under the Sun for several years makes no effort to try to adapt to the new environment, as she is filled with sorrow about not being able to see the Sun. As a result, she does not socialize with the other children, as she can only remark about the Sun, making them feel jealous, and Margot being singled out. Throughout the whole story, the theme that circulates is that when you act out of jealousy, you will feel guilty. It…show more content…
Since, Margot can’t stand the sight of no Sun, and being left out, she too feels a different way about her life on Venus. According to the text, Margot states in her poem, “I think the sun is a flower, That blooms for just one hour.” We can clearly see her sorrow as she knows that when the day comes, the Sun will only be out for an hour on Venus, and then vanish for another 7 years. This fact truly depresses her in a way that she socially isn’t active and doesn’t like to be communicated with. After saying her poem, the boys said, “‘Aw, you didn’t write that!’ protested one of the boys.” Because Margot isn’t able to express herself as everyone would target her, she stays back and takes all the harassment in and feels like she doesn’t belong with these kids. It’s as if her humanity and her existence didn’t matter. She loses hope in seeing the Sun, and therefore, loses hope in trying to make friends with the children. This makes her even more miserable than she already is, making her feel like she doesn’t fit

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