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Paper Two In Peter Singer’s essay “Visible man: Ethics in a World without Secrets” singer mainly talks about the concepts of privacy. Singer talks about how the government uses new surveillance technologies to intercept our most private personal information. These technological advancements have made it possible for NSA to listen in on citizen’s phone calls, go through their text messages, and read their emails. The Dalai Lama wrote an essay called “Ethics and the New Genetics.” This essay mainly talks about new technologies being used for cloning, chemicals in our food, and many other types of genetic manipulations. These technological advancements cause people to ignore their ethics and morals. New technologies used for genetic manipulation…show more content…
New smart phones can give citizens endless possibilities through voice command. Features such as Google maps, Siri, and iMessage make it possible for people to do more with less. This is the reason why humans make new technologies, to make things easier and faster for citizens. New surveillance technologies have also made it possible for the government to go through all of civilian’s personal information. By giving one simple command, the government can stop terrorists, find wanted suspects, and prevent attacks. Singer mentions “videos and photographs many of them taken on mobile phones, have captured innumerable crimes and injustices” (465). This is one of the great benefits that technology has brought to us, almost guaranteed safety by the use of surveillance technologies. Genetic manipulation has also made the lives of citizens easier. Civilians can buy market produce that can last up to weeks in their refrigerator and never spoil. The Dalai Lama admits “It is now possible to create new breeds of plants with far higher…show more content…
Civilians and society today also have no idea how these technological advancements will effect citizen’s bodies and their future. The Dalai Lama argues, “But by doing these things, we are changing the genetic makeup, and do we really know what the long-term impact will be on the species of planets, on the soil, on the environment” (133). The genetic manipulation of market produce and genetic engineering of embryos may cause the beginning of new disease due to these alterations, or even harmful effects to citizen’s bodies. Today fruits and vegetables contain a myriad of chemicals that are injected into them in order to increase them in size and increase the time before the produce spoils. These chemicals and manipulations may cause an increase in obesity due to the surplus food supply available to citizens. Genetic manipulated foods will cause great health damages in today’s society and even poorer health in future societies. The disadvantages of these technologies is not terminated with the obvious health destruction due to chemically changed food stuffs. There is also the worry of the government using surveillance technologies in order to watch our citizens. The use of this power will also cause horrifying effect to our future. As the government continues to use their resources to look up on the lives of innocent citizens they will eventually ask

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