Tom Sawyer Relationship Analysis

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Siblings fight all the time and Tom and Sid are no exception to that. It's part of growing up and maturing. But, Tom and Sid´s relationship is in shambles and almost beyond repairable. ¨The Adventures of Tom Sawyer¨ by Mark Twain is about an imaginative and troublesome boy named Tom Sawyer. Tom lives in St.Petersburg Missouri with his aunt and half-brother Sid. Tom is always the boy to be seen getting in trouble. Aunt Polly tries to teach him how to be mature and does this by punishments and by comparing Tom to Sid. To add to this, Sid always tattles on Tom. A few of these examples are when Tom plays hooky to do something he thinks will be more fun. Sid has tattled on him for going swimming and for stealing sugar on multiple occasions. This…show more content…
Aunt Polly tries to steer Tom in the right way by punishment and advice of how to behave. In doing this, she treats Sid as if he is of greater importance, as Tom thinks. Her well-meaning effort to mold Tom's behavior only serve to intensify the problem between the two boys. For example, on page 18 Tom questions Aunt Polly’s intentions by saying, ¨´Aunt, you dont whack Sid when he takes it.¨Well, Sid don't torment a body the way you [Tom] do… Presently she stepped into the kitchen, and Sid, happy in his immunity, reached for the sugar bowl- a sort of glorifying over Tom which was well-nigh unbearable,¨ (Twain18). By exemplifying Sid as a model boy and Tom as the opposite, It causes both of these characters to turn against each other and become enemies. Sid knows that Tom is known to get in trouble and that he is known to be a good role model, so he takes advantage of…show more content…
Many times in the past, Tom has behaved badly and done things that should have repercussions. Tom is often the one first blamed or framed for doing something bad. Aunt Polly, many times tries to nicely steer him down the right path and punish him. These punishments are very small and are trifles. But, these punishments cause Tom to become angry because he believes he does not deserve these punishments. Incidentally, the book starts with Tom getting in trouble. This novel starts with Aunt Polly yelling at Tom to tell her where he is hiding. When Tom is finally found, a jar of jam is discovered as well, and a punishment is enforced. On page 79, Tom is once again in trouble. In this instance, he gives the cat some of his medicine. This causes the cat to go crazy and Tom to get in trouble. These examples of Tom getting in trouble connect to the claim due to the fact that When Tom gets in trouble, it is just another opportunity for Sid to get Tom in trouble and cause Tom to hate Sid even more. In addition, this also gives Aunt Polly a bigger of a reason to use Sid as a good role model compared to

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