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When you gave me $1,000,000 to spend, I was a bit nervous at first, especially with the task you gave me to do with that money. However, after some research, I’ve discovered how vile and heartbreaking the state of the problems that you wanted me to address are in. I’ve learned about the underside of America, and how are hardly making money, and are living and working in harsh conditions (Background essay). I’ve also learned that we’re on the bound of change, with Progressivism. I’ve learned a lot about this movement, and how Progressivism touches nearly every aspect of society, such as worker and consumer issues, the conservation of natural resources, the plight of the urban poor, and women’s suffrage ( I've written to tell you…show more content…
I have been convinced by Jane Addams claims in “Why Women Should Vote” in the Ladies Home Journal, where she said that a woman could not perform her duties if she isn’t given the right to vote (Doc C). If women are given the right to vote, they can also help address many other issues. Women already play a prominent role in Progressive reforms, such as temperance clubs, religious movements, and anti-slavery organizations,so of course they should be able to vote as well ( They can vote against child labor, and protest it (Doc B), since women want to protect and take care of their children, rather than having them seriously hurt themselves. Women also want a clean and friendly environment, where they don’t have to worry as much with pollution, so they would also protest deforestation (Doc A). Also, women don’t want to cook and feed their families with food that’s had rats crawl over it, and been kept in unclean conditions (Doc D). Women gaining the right to vote will help them gain rights, as well as help protect and take care if their families, and in turn, help change society as well. I feel that the final issue that I want to speak on is for food

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