Analysis: The Kantian Doctrine Of Respect For Person

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Sweatshops and Respect for persons, written by Denis G. Arnold and Norman E. Bowie applies “The Kantian doctrine of respect for persons to the problem of sweatshops. This work argues that multinational enterprises are properly regarded as responsible for the practices of their subcontractors and suppliers. As well as argue that multinational enterprises have the following duties in their off-shore manufacturing facilities: to ensure that local labor laws are followed; to refrain from coercion; to meet minimum safety standards; and to provide a living wage for employees. Finally, the essay considers and replies to the objection that improving health and safety conditions and providing a living wage will cause greater harm than good.” cite (abstract) This essay was written to prove that in the perspective of moral ethics, multinational enterprises are depriving workers of their benefits, and how these multinational enterprises can do better. The five arguments made in the essay are: respect for persons, outsourcing and the duties of MNEs, the rule of law, coercion, and working conditions/wages. I agree with most points and thoughts of Arnold and Bowie, but there are some problems with their perspective. When it comes to respect for persons, we look at…show more content…
Coercion is the use of force to persuade someone to do something that he or she is unwilling to do. There are naturally different types of coercion. Physical coercion occurs when ones bodily movements are physically forced. Psychological coercion is when the coercer has an effective desire to compel their “victim” to act in a manner that makes efficacious the coercers other regarding desire, which results in conformity. Psychological coercion is frequently used by supervisors to improve worker productivity. When the supervisor’s intention in making the threat is to ensure the employees compliance, then the supervisors actions are properly understood as

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