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KFC which stands for Kentucky fried chicken was founded by colonel Harland sanders in 1953 in United States. He carefully blended his secret 11 herbs and spices to create finger licking recipe, which is now world famous recipe and has got the 18,875 outlets in more than 118 countries in the world, having chicken as its primary product. .KFC has always been a strongest competitor to other fast food companies like Mc Donald, burger king, subway etc. with the revenue of 9.5 billion in 2012. KFC Aldershot is among 8000 outlets established in United Kingdom. Situated in a heart of Aldershot town, it has a perfect location for business. Just a minutes’ walk from a town Centre, and easy access to the car park and the banks, KFC Aldershot serves hundreds…show more content…
The store also have sofas for the extra comfort for its valuable customers. The store have more than 35 permanent staff including both part-time and full-time. Because the store is located in the heart of Aldershot, it is extremely busy in the peak business hours which is lunch and dinner time. Takeaway services is also available in the store. WORKFORCE The KFC Aldershot have approximately 35 staff working to provide excellent customer including part-time and full-time. The staff are deployed according to the peak and off-peak time of business hours. In the lunch and dinner time more staff are allocated in their shift to be able to make all the customer happy and satisfied. CUSTOMERS Aldershot is one of the small villages in surrey. Home of military personnel. KFC Aldershot have mostly local and regular customers. Most of them are family, school children and staff of the surrounding area such as shopping mall, retailers, offices etc. MISSION STATEMENT KFC Aldershot is very aware of the current trend of healthy lifestyle. Its mission is to sell food in a fast, friendly and healthy environment that appeals to pride conscious, health minded consumers (KFC 2013) VISION…show more content…
The concern and the view of the stakeholders is very important for KFC Aldershot. It can be done only by communicating with the stakeholders. The stakeholders of KFC Aldershot are its customers, employees, the competitors in the area, local community, government etc. to gather information and help to communicate to its stakeholders KFC has been putting a lot of efforts, such as website, asking for feedback from the stakeholders, staff meetings, investors meetings

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