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Introduction In the contemporary world, English language is the proffered language of communication in many communities. Most of English speakers are not native and have acquired English literacy as a secondary language. However, it is a medium of ‘intra-national’ and ‘international’ communications (A. Matsuda & P. Matsuda, n.d.). Throughout the world all communities use a structurally different dialect of the English, hence the term ‘Englishes’. Like Australia, there are many countries in the world that are not monolingual, as many Englishes speakers mark their specific variety of English through distinctive phonological, lexical structures showing the uniqueness of their national, regionals or social groups, further making the countries culturally and linguistically diverse. Literary work in the contemporary world has flourished in…show more content…
All languages share the basic properties like vowels, consonants, syllables; nouns, verbs, sentences, clauses; and also questions, make statements and give orders (Gee & Hayes, 2011). This tells that all people spread across the world and communicated with one set of group, and languages changed in a different way in different places, which give rise to the great diversity in human language. Gee explains this as ‘Discourse’ – how people view the language, most importantly how they practice it. People are referred as ‘insiders if they are familiar to any particular Discourse, otherwise ‘outsiders’ (Green, 2006). Many of the meanings constructed in the languages are culture-specific, as culture influence the way people think and act. Emmitt (2010) stated, “language determines thought and worldview, and therefore culture and thought are dependent on language” (p.54). In all language curricula, literature takes a central
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