English As A Second Language Essay

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Literacy is fundamental and necessary in our society because we use it in a daily basis. Most people in our society had a hard time with learning how to read and write in the early age and some still have trouble with it now, especially if English was their second language. For many individuals this could influence if they like or dislike reading and writing today and how it affected them throughout their school performances. To answer the question, how does having English as a second language affect the students interest in literacy, research and personal interviews had to be done. Although the interview would have a variety of responses towards the answers that were being asked since there is not a right or wrong answer, these responses would…show more content…
Although some individuals might not notice that we use it everyday in our lives, we do use it even if we read or or just write a few sentences a day. For the individuals who learned English as a second language may have had some difficulties learning how to read and write, the teachers tried every way to make it easier for them to learn. In the article called Supporting ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom: Language Tips by Kristina Robertson, she explains the support system they had for English learners and she added advice for teachers to help the student learn English. Robertson explains that by have a “print-rich environment”, which includes books, bulletin boards, and other materials that can help the student in exposure to the language can help them with learn it. She also gives advice to teachers to help them with teaching the non-native English students. Some advice that she gives are to “simplify the language without dumbing it down, to speak to the students clearly and naturally, and to encourage the students to raise their hands if they don’t understand the material”(Robertson). All of these advice that Robertson gives teachers can benefit both the student and the instructor. The reason why is because the teacher is learning different ways to teach other students and the non-native English students are getting more exposure to this

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