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Politics is an exciting, fast-changing, broad-based discipline. Our programs are extremely flexible and offer an extensive module choice, reflecting the research interests our staff, including conflict resolution, federalism, comparative politics, European integration, ethnic conflict, terrorism, the theory of international relations, political theory, and the politics of countries such as China, Japan, Russia and the USA. Language is fundamental to everything we do: it helps us communicate ideas, express our feelings,persuade, and present ourselves to different audiences. English Language is therefore an ideal complement to subjects where an understanding of how language works is important. The English Language is becoming…show more content…
These metaphors are also old, worn-out metaphors, which have lost their power and are no longer as effective. Sonorous diction: Words which are used to make a statement sound more impressive and ideological. Generally, political, scientific and sociological writers use foreign phrases mostly coming from Latin or Greek words instead of Saxon words. A Latin or Greek root is used with an affix added to it. "Orwell gives examples of times where the fuzzy language could be used is when discussing the continuance of British rule in India, the Russian purifies and deportations, the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan." Unmeaning words: when words such as romantic, human, dead, etc. are used in art or literary criticisms, it is confusing to the readers to tell whether the critic is saying something positive or negative about their work. He gives examples of times where political speech will consist of euphemisms, questioning and obscurity, because the content is too brutal for the audience to handle. Especially because these kinds of words are unmeaning if not used in the right context. This increases the neglect in our language. " are certain types of phrasing which would be used without having to call up mental images of them." Orwell

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