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Introduction Language is the primary means by which the human species communicate with one another. Within any region of the world, members of the homo sapien species employ language as a communicative and social device, though these may differ according to region. It is often the case that there is linguistic difference across parts of the world, as inhabitants of different regions speak different languages. For example, the main language used in Germany is German, while in France, French is dominant language. Furthermore, even within a language, there are different varieties, such as in the case of English, where a multitude of varieties exist, including British English, American English, Hong Kong English, and Indian English. These branches can be broken down even further, and can be seen in one instance using British English as an example. Within the broad umbrella of British English, there exists a number of regional dialects, such as Cockney, Cheshire, and the most popular variant, Received Pronunciation (RP). Aside from region, language also differs over time, as can be seen from the fact that Shakespeare’s Early Modern English is never heard today. The case is even stronger for Old English, which is barely comprehensible to those not within the relevant scholastic field. Even the average native English speaker would have trouble understanding texts in Old English, such as Beowulf, arguably the most important text of Old English. This paper attempts to do the following: 1)…show more content…
2) Explore possible causes for English lexical change. 3) Analyse the major types of English lexical variation. 4) Reflect on how such knowledge can be related to the learning and/or teaching of

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