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English a big speaking language and how it compared to Indian movies In this essay, I am going to describe how English became such a big spoken language and how the English became a worldwide language. This essay will also include how the Bollywood movies have developed through the industry of Hollywood, and why India has the English as one of the International languages. English is the international language. Now 1,8 billion people in the world speak English. The most speaking language is Chinese, also called for Mandarin. Since the Chinese speak English too, it makes the English language an International language. According to the blog.esl-languages.com, the English language was taken around the world by soldiers, sailors, pilgrims,…show more content…
Bollywood is larger than Hollywood. Examples of why the Bollywood is larger than Hollywood are the terms of a number of people employed, an amount of works creators. Jayesh Lalwani The thing with Bollywood is that it never took off like Hollywood did. The Production quality of the Bollywood movies stayed consistently low until the late 90s to 2000s. You can also see a huge difference if you watch an 80s Hindi movie and an 80s Hollywood movie. The reason for why there is a huge difference is that the primary market for Hindi movies was India. The Indians didn't consume anything else. Therefore, there was no market pressure to improve. In the 90s, people could watch American shows, and see how lousy Bollywood was. That was because the Satellite penetration in the 90s was exploded. In the late 90s, there were a lot of NRIs in America. (Non-Resident Indians) It became very profitable for Bollywood to export Hindi movies to the US. That was because they could earn 4 times more on every ticket sold. The reason that they could improve why Bollywood lagged way behind Hollywood in the 80s, was that Hollywood always was threatened by the market. Jayesh

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