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Before the eighteenth century, England had dealt with many languages, Britons were spoke Celtic language similar to the Welsh and Cornish at the west of Britain, Latin language becomes dominant language after the Roman invasion which strongly supported and used by the Church, Anglo Saxon was a vernacular language entrapped by French language which were the prestigious language because it was the mother tongue language of King Henry the fourth, the king of England that time. The value of the Latin and French language destroyed, English becomes the dominant language of science and government, which leads many people to attempts to looking forward for a standard English language fixed in dictionaries and grammar books to suitable every user. English language standardization process established a National Standard variety used later as an education model. Historically, the necessity of the standardization started when people aimed…show more content…
Mitchell on 1755 Samuel Johnson had published his monumental dictionary “Dictionary of the English Language” that set the standards for lexicons in both England and America. Johnson’s Dictionary developed to be a shift in language authority from grammarians to lexicographers. Dictionaries, during the seventeenth century, had contained crude lists of synonyms to translate foreign languages such as Latin and French, while grammar texts explained many lexicographical elements such as pronunciations, spellings, definitions, etymology, and usage notes. In eighteenth century, language judgments increasingly chop down under the umbrella of the lexicographer’s field. In his monumental dictionary, alongside to lexicographers Johnson worked to use the most successful techniques that grammarians used in grammar texts, such as incorporating usage notes, making decisions on correctness, illustrating meanings with quotations, and even attempting witticisms. Which helped to move language authority from grammarians to

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