Death Of Language Essay In English

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Language is a means of human communication through spoken or written words. Language can also be considered as a particular system and style of human communication. There are several languages spoken by people all around the globe for interacting and communicating with each other. The mother tongue of any region is the prime language spoken by majority of the people in a region. Every country can have a different mother tongue . Dead language is the lack of the number of speakers of the language because of the death of their speakers or forcing them to abandon their language and learn another language. Or because of the ethnic cleansing and natural disasters or disease processes leading to another speaker in that language death. Scientists disagree on the definition of the death of languages, some of its section of the degrees: - stable and is spoken by children or among themselves and with adults. , - And they call it unstable if Caused by…show more content…
And gradually it begins to shift to the other extreme attention and loyalty to her and influenced its culture, right down to the point of use more than their native language. It may force people to use another language beside his mother tongue in situations of occupation and the start of the occupying power to impose their language and culture on the occupied people. For example, as a result of the colonization of Spain to America (in English) for Latin America are talking most of the countries of Latin America in Spanish, the original and languages used on Nzaq very tight so that most of the new generations do not know, but the new language, Spanish. Another example is the imposition of the Portuguese occupation of Brazil and the imposition of the language of the Portuguese language so that Brazil where the largest number of speakers of Portuguese more than Portugal
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