Essay On Drug Use In Sports

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Drug Use in Sports The sporting world today has many problems with PED’S. What are they? Should they be legal in sports? They are Performance Enhancing Drugs that have just a negative effect on the world. They can harm you in so many different ways. From your health to your conscience, if you use them in the wrong way. The conversation right now is if they should be legal in sports. In other words there is no place for cheating in sports? There are many reasons they are a negative effect on the sporting world. Do you like sports? Do like the feeling when everybody is watching you and you make a point for your team? What would you do if you got that taken away? That is what Maria Sharapova had to deal with. The richest athlete in the history of women’s sports. She was banned from tennis for two years, only because of one PED. For two years she got no part in tennis, people cheering for her, and fun. She quotes, "I haven't played a lot of matches, so I'm just trying to get used to the conditions, the stadium, the wind, playing under the lights for the first time in a while. When you're out…show more content…
It is not fun is it. It is just unfair. That is how PEDś are. They are just unfair. They take away from the whole purpose or the game or activity. Letś take this to a whole nother level. The X-Games. For example you do you tricks and get a score of 75. The next person goes and gets a score of 99. How do you feel. You feel terrible. You just got blown out of the olympics. Not only that you got blown out by a cheater. Cheating is not fun. Cheating is ´´winning in the wrong way.´´ In the end you know that you did the right thing and you know that you one in your heart. You will still go back to the fact that everybody thinks you are a terrible cheater because of the cheaters score and your score. The sports world is a world for fun and strength, keep out the cheaters and keep sports
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