How Does Snoop Dogg Impact Youth

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Why Snoop Dogg Has a Positive Impact on Youth A man who donated millions to charities, has founded programs for youth, and became successful coming from a place where success is not always a common product/outcome is considered by many to have a negative impact on youth. This man is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., otherwise known as the rapper Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California a suburb of west LA on October 20, 1971. Calvin received the nickname “Snoop Dogg” from his mother since she thought he looked like Snoopy from Charlie Brown, and it stuck. He sang and played piano in a church choir prior to when he started rapping in the sixth grade. After graduating from high school, Snoop Dogg was arrested for drug possession and…show more content…
Snoop Dogg has held many basketball games in which the proceeds go to charity, one of the most significant of these instances includes when he held a “charity basketball game at his former school to help benefit the school and Save A Life Foundation, among others” (Jawadi 1). As shown, through a basketball game, Snoop Dogg raised money for a foundation that supports the health care of at-risk/disadvantaged youth who could otherwise not afford or receive treatment as well as his old high school. Making it clear, that, since the game reached its monetary goal, Snoop Dogg has a positive impact on kids. Snoop Dogg also donated a large but undisclosed sum of money to a hospital (Bruner 1). Snoop Dogg donated this money because of what happened to Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn son who had a pre-existing serious heart health problem upon birth, of which is not covered, and without treatment is life threatening. He did so in order to look out for the next kid that could be in a similar situation. Lastly, “an hour with Snoop” in a recording studio was auctioned off to raise funds for Habitat For Humanity's Operation Home Delivery Fund (“Snoop Dogg Charity Work, Events and Causes”). Once again clearly from his auction in which the highest bid (which although not disclosed was imaginable extremely high) won an hour with him. Due to this auction he raised money to buy…show more content…
As an award for straight A’s Snoop Dogg gives member of his program, a free laptop (Cooper 1). Along with other awards related to academics Snoop Dogg promotes kids to work hard in the classroom as well as on the field and therefore, since he is promoting success in the classroom so kids in his league aren’t completely reliant on football, and have more opportunities in the future, Snoop Dogg has a positive impact on kids through his football league. “In 2005 Snoop founded Snoop’s Football Youth League to provide opportunity to these same inner city youth that he allegedly had a negative influence on. 10 years later, 20 players from his program have committed to play Division I football” (Chill 1). As seen, in one year 20 alumni of his reach out program have had a life changing opportunity, and even if most of those kids don’t make it as football players, they’ll have the chance to earn degrees and be productive members of society mainly since Snoop had a positive impact on them. “The children submitted essays this year explaining how the SYFL has made a positive impact in their lives” (Cooper 1). As a result of the SYFL, members wrote essays adjacent/apart from the league that highlighted the impact it had on them, and from the fact that the kids decided to share how Snoop

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