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The role of chemical fertilizers for increased agricultural production is well established. Some argue that fertilizer was as important as seed in the Green Revolution (Tomich et. Al. 1995) contributing as much as 50% of the yield growth in Asia (Hopper 1993 and FAO 1998). Others have found that one-third of the cereal production worldwide is due to the use of fertilizer and related factors of production (Bumb 1995). Fertilizer consumption in India has been increasing over the years and today India is one of the largest producer and consumer of fertilizers in the world. By 2009-10 total fertilizers consumption in the country was 26.49 million nutrient tones. Importance of fertilizers in yield improvement which is essential for achieving increased agricultural production further increases because there is little scope for bringing more area under cultivation as well as majority of Indian soils are deficient in many macro and micro nutrients. However, excessive use of fertilizers…show more content…
Arable soils leak considerable amounts of nitrate, phosphate, potassium and other nutrients mainly through run-off and erosion, which enrich the water body in terms of nutrients leading to luxurious growth of algae and other organisms and resultant eutrophication problems in ponds Ammonia Volatilization Volatilization of NH3 is not only a major loss of N but also a cause of environmental pollution. From the atmosphere NH3, is washed out by clouds and redeposit' on the terrestrial ecosystem In the atmosphere it is oxidized to N2O, which acts as a greenhouse gas and is responsible for the destruction of ozone layer. It also forms salts with acidic gases and these salt particles can be transported long distances especially in the absence of clouds. The deposition close to the source is substantial, but hard to estimate due to interaction with other pollutants. Acid

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