Why We Shouldn T Drugs Be Used In Sports Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay: Drugs in Sport Madeline Clarke - 10A The term 'doping' refers to the use of prohibited drugs to gain an unfair advantage by artificially improving sporting performances. In recent events, the topic of drugs in sport has been brought up more often and has raised the public’s general awareness of drug use in modern society. Most people would agree that drugs should not be associated with sport at all because it’s unfair, unsafe and promotes the use of drugs within the community, corrupting younger generations and the people that surround them. In this essay, the depiction of drugs will be covered and I will be explaining why drugs shouldn’t be used in sport. Firstly, drugs have been discouraged and banned within sporting associations for a numerous amount of years. For most, this is because it isn’t fair on people who are not subject to drugs. Training plays an important part in every athlete’s career and by displaying high forms of courage, determination and also by training as hard as they can, people get where they want to go and are able to achieve greatness. Drugs that improve the natural performances of athletes are not fair on those that focus and work hard on their…show more content…
Recent revelations of the involvement of players from Essendon FC using performance enhancing drugs erupted in January this year and in 2013, Lance Armstrong's use of performance enhancing drugs was confirmed. Over the majority of his career, Armstrong had used drugs to increase his performance levels. Because of this, he was stripped of all seven of his Le Tour De France titles and the bronze medal that he received in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games was also taken from him. Many of these athletes are now struggling against the public’s views of them because they ‘cheated’ and achieved great results

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