The Pros And Cons Of Doping In Sports

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Sport is defined as “an activity consisting of physical application of energy and skill in which a team or an individual competes against an opponent or opponents for entertainment.” (Oxford, 2012). In today’s society, entertainment is an industry, arguably the largest industry with a reasonably healthy annual turnover with sports entertainment recording a $63 billion revenue in 2009. (Morss, 2009). This shows us that sport is no longer just for entertainment, but that on the other side of our screens, big business is taking place and with it, comes great pressure- pressure that adds on to that that would naturally be present in any athlete on a national or international platform. The 1st accepted definition of doping was “the administration…show more content…
This essay will look at and analyse the use of doping in sports and whether performance-enhancing drugs should or should not be allowed by looking at cases of doping, the effects of doping and lastly, the human role and element in…show more content…
Now when one thinks of doping, we immediately think of steroids, injections and pills. This is generally the case and a popular steroid that arises with many doping cases is Anabolic. The anabolic steroid is “a synthetic substance that stimulate proteins that help develop non-fat muscle mass, helping an athlete become stronger and able to train and play for longer periods.” (CNN, 2014). Another popular drug commonly used is Androstenediene, popularly known as “Andro” which is a dug that helps the body to process testosterone. “Testosterone Suspension is a steroid with no ester and therefore means it is pure testosterone in water. This means it acts relatively fast and results in increased muscle and strength gain.” (O'Connor, 2011). “Anadrol 50, AKA ‘A-Bombs’, which is a name derived from dihydrotestosterone has fast strength gains and this is due to its drastic effect on the dramatic increase in red blood cells, which stimulate increased power and endurance.” (O'Connor, 2011). Another performance-enhancing drug that is particularly popular, especially in Europe and USA is Trenbolone Acetate. This drug is one of the most popular in strength sport such as powerlifts and body-building, although used in many other sporting codes, naturally, strength sports. “It is

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