Ng Teng Fong Hospital Case Study

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All these are done so while simultaneously portraying the hospital’s open design and continually uphold emergency response readiness. 4.1.2 Maintenance Maintenance in a hospital is very vital and should not be neglected as regular maintenance prevents any unfortunate accidents from happening by providing a safe environment for staff and visitors as well as it helps the hospital to maintain a good appearance and image. It also ensures the equipment is operating at peak efficiency. When regular maintenance is not present, the equipment may fail anytime and the downtime can result in inconvenience and increased costs to the hospital. General mechanical and electrical maintenance are also put in place in order to deal with any issues promptly…show more content…
4.1.3 Cleaning and Public Health As a health care service provider, Ng Teng Fong Hospital understands the need to keep hygiene levels constantly high as they believe it will translate into a cleaner and more conducive environment for their patients. Sterilisation of equipment is also carried out after equipments or tools are used for a certain patient. This ensures that spreading of germs are heavily minimal, if not none, which strongly ties in with their vision of preventing illness and providing a clean and germ-free environment to their patients and visitors as much as possible. Furthermore, to reduce the spread of illness and germs and to detect any problems early, sensors and thermal cameras are placed at the entrance of Ng Teng Fong Hospital to detect if any visitors or patients are running abnormally high fevers. They are also used to detect any infectious diseases which is especially crucial if there were to be a common infectious disease spreading about globally such as Mers, Zika and more. By having such procedures in place, it will aid in preventing the further spread of disease and readily divert the person to help and stop them from interaction with other patients and visitors. This ties in closely to their vision of “preventing illness, detecting it early and managing it to reduce

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