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My ambition for physiotherapy stemmed from studying science and sports at school. I was fascinated by the recovery of a human body after injury or trauma. I realised that I want to aid people through that healing process. I have always been interested about the body and how all the muscles work, and this coupled with a keen interest to help others, I envision physiotherapy as the perfect career for me. I enjoy learning new information and improving my existing skills which I believe is vital for studying Physiotherapy. I find that it is the perfect opportunity for me to develop as an individual as well as help others, which is immensely rewarding. My work experience at a local youth club and at a physiotherapy practise confirms my passion to…show more content…
While interacting with others at my youth club where I volunteered, I have improved my communication skills as well as developing other skills too, such as team work and computer skills. Working as part of a team I have become more confident to effectively cooperate and communicate with others. Furthermore, by volunteering at my local youth club I have had the chance to work with people from a range of ages from young children to teenagers. I was able to organise sports games and trips during my academic years and working at the youth club allowed me to be a good team leader by helping the club run effectively. I believe that the experience that I have gained will be crucial in the future. In my spare time I like to play different sports such as football, tennis, badminton and other sports too. I play football on a weekly basis as well as going to the gym regularly and this lets me keep fit and healthy. In addition to keep fit I participate in boxing, and in boxing I have had a few injuries and I know how the recovery process works. Understanding how much pain and hard work is put into recovering from an injury is something I am aware of. I have also looked after children, ranging from new borns to ten year olds, and I enjoy taking care of them, which demonstrates my

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