Dystopian Society In Brave New World Essay

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Imagine a place where everything is perfect. Everyone is happy, healthy, and beautiful. This imaginary scheme for social improvement is called a Utopia. Now imagine a place where everyone is brainwashed through conditioning and propaganda to believe that everything is perfect, but in reality the society is formed around deception. This is called a Dystopia. In Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, the characteristics of dystopian literature is delineated. The citizens in this society live in a dehumanized state. The social norms that are implemented today are foreign to these people, and lack many characteristics that our society considers to be “human.” These people have a fear and distrust of the natural world. They are so conditioned by their new “perfect” world that when the traditions of the old world are brought to their attention, they are revolted and perplexed about why people would ever act in that manner. Through the government’s utilization of propaganda, they…show more content…
In one of Dr. Brown’s many articles on human biology and anthropology, she states that it is through the “human’s way of communication that has set them apart from the others. Creating and following social norms, maintaining morals, and constantly evolving language are specific characteristics no other species has yet to do” (Brown). Humans have the capacity to think on their own, to make their own decisions, and to live freely amongst others. Humans, along with any other species, were made to reproduce to preserve the species. Men and women were both given their biological duty to make a child, and through nature and nurture, children will eventually develop and grow so they can reproduce too. Huxley, however, changes the beauty of natural reproduction—without reproduction, a species loses its most sacred

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