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1.1 USE OF DIGITAL DEVICES AMONG CHILDREN In the recent decades, technology has been one of the major interesting research subjects due to increased usage among people, including young children. From the time young children can grasp an object in their hands, they are beginning to play with smartphones or tablets (Kim, 2013). Undeniably, our nation is moving toward full digital inclusion. Television, mobile devices, tablet, and a computer has become a great companion to the children as most of their time are spending to the digital devices and technology. In fact, children spend an approximately 7 hours a day, seven days a week with media or digital technology (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010; Rowan, 2010). It shows that digital technology such as computers and mobile devices has become an arising phenomenon throughout the world. Besides that, research shows that among the popular digital devices are tablet which valued the most in young children’s digital lives as the touchscreen is far easier for them to manage (Livingstone, Mascheroni, Preier, Chaudron & Lagae, 2015). Since digital technology has included…show more content…
Undeniably, living in digital era do improves people’s lifestyle and productivity in our life. In fact, digital devices are inseparable from our lifestyle today either to children, adolescents, teenagers and elderly. However, due to the uncontrollable phenomenon of digital technology, there were numerous harmful effects that associated with children’s media use. According to Kim (2013), the possible effects are the increasingly blurred vision, have difficulty in paying attention and have the higher possibility to score low in academic achievement. In addition, the children’s development are also affected as it contributes to lack of social interactions that lead to difficulty with peers as well as increase the of difficulty in language development, communicating as well as social skills (Kim, 2013; Copper, Griew and Jago,
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