The Importance Of School Uniforms In Schools

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The school uniform is the epitome of sameness in the American society. It turns a lively, colorful world upside down and into the depths of bland uniformity. Schools should not implement school uniform policies because uniforms limit individuality and go against the Constitutional right to freedom of expression, they cause parents to have to spend a lot of money on a second wardrobe, and there is no conclusive data that proves that uniforms actually solve any of the problems they were intended to solve. Implementing school uniform policies in American schools would be a violation of the Constitutional right to freedom of expression. Some would say that there is no guarantee of free speech in a classroom setting and that expression is not…show more content…
(Source D)” When people get to wear what they choose their confidence and self-assurance is boosted. Personal style is an important thing to many, and if it were taken from them, problems with insecurity could ensue. A good point to understand also is,“What people wear is not simply an expression of their fashion sense, and it is not just a statement of individuality. In many cases clothing is an expression of ethnic identity or religious belief. (Source B)” In America, citizens have the right to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and political and religious beliefs. In taking away the ability to choose one’s daily wardrobe, schools take away some people's only outlet for expressing their beliefs. Clothing is not only a way to show…show more content…
It must be understood that, “... school uniforms may well be a financial burden to poorer families, who will be forced to buy uniforms in addition to regular clothing… (Source B)” As some find it hard to have enough regular clothing to get them through the school year, it would be unfair to require them to buy a whole new set of clothing just so they can go to school. It would not only hurt the families, but also, “Another cost factor… is the increased burden on administrators, staff, and faculty to enforce policies. (Source D)” With a stricter dress code, comes stricter enforcement, for there is no point to a dress code if it not enforced. Things such as “Loner” clothing would need to be purchased for those who do not fit the dress code but cannot change, and all sorts of things would need to be figured out, such as: what length of skirts/shorts will be the regulation, tools for measuring accurately, what colors will be the regulation, jewelry or no jewelry?, type of socks allowed, shoes allowed, pants, even if nail polish will be okay or not. It all puts a mental burden on administrators, costing them their peace of mind. It makes sense that, “No more time should be wasted on school uniforms. The cost is too high. (Source B)” For students, parents, teachers, and administrators, the idea of uniforms will come at much too high a price. It will cost everybody their sanity and

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