The Importance Of Cheerleading

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High-pitched screams, pompoms and cropped tops paired with matching short skirts. Some people may even think about the “Bring It On” saga. This can display the cheerleaders as more of “eye candy” rather than hard working athletes. Yes, the movies are full of preppy girls and drama filled scenes, but after watching the movies you will also learn what truly goes into the sport. The amount of time, dedication, and hard work that goes into the routines is unfathomable. Cheerleading is not at all just about jumping around and carelessly screaming and shouting chants. Athletes must be in excellent physical shape, understand how to work perfectly in a team, and have the motivation to compete; therefore, cheerleaders are athletes. When defining an…show more content…
In order to be physically in shape, the athlete must go through intense training in order to teach the human body how to perform certain movements without getting hurt. The athlete also needs to have an incredible amount of muscular strength. Football players participate in many conditioning activities and practice drills over and over until they get it perfect. Upper body and leg strength are crucial for this sport due to the fact that they must tackle, on average, 250 pound players in almost every play. Now, if one were to connect this to cheerleading, it would become obvious that cheerleaders are athletes. Cheerleaders use almost every muscle in the body when cheerleading. Upper body is crucial to stunt, lower body is crucial for tumbling, and abdominal muscles are crucial for jumps. Cheerleaders must be extremely strong in order to lift up other teammates over their heads and vault their bodies 20 feet into the air then simultaneously tuck and flip their body. According to a cheerleader named CJ Ryan (2011), she stated that, “There are very few sports where you need to be strong in the plethora of ways that are needed to be a successful cheerleader. We regularly lift people over our

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