Privacy Characteristics Of Big Data

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Introduction Big data refers to massive data sets that have large and complex structure which is difficult to store, analyze and visualize for processing and results. The research for large amounts of data to reveal hidden patterns is known as Big Data Analytics (BDA). Big data is used to gain deep insights and competitive advantage. Big data refers to two conditions, the technological challenge which is about dealing with data intensive domains such as high energy physics, astronomy or internet search. The second condition is dealing with social problems with the main focus being on cultural and environmental factors, when data about people is collected and obtained by organizations such as Facebook, twitter, Google to mention a few. Privacy…show more content…
Volume refers to the size of the data. The size itself plays an important role in determining value out of the data. Volume determines whether data can be classified as big data or not, therefore volume is one characteristic that needs to be taken into consideration when dealing with big data. Variety refers to the diverse sources of data and the nature of data. Data refers to forms of emails, photos, videos etc. Velocity is about the speed when it comes to generating data. The amount of speed to generate processed data reveals the value of data. Variability determines how consistent data can be at times. This relates to the ability to the ability to handle and manage data in such a manner to achieve desired results. Big data is a huge opportunity for media companies but they do not realise this as they are still far from realising the maximum benefits of big data strategy. In order for companies to gain maximum benefits of big data strategy they need to invest in technology and training in order to grip the investment. With the wisdom gained they need to improve processes like customer services as well as products. Some of the benefits for using big data strategy include faster decision making, execution of decisions as intended, improved financial performance and effective use of data for decision making. With use of big data strategies companies engage with people more through news and advertising…show more content…
It would become impossible to completely remove the ability of identifying an individual. Use of data masking could reveal actual individuals whose data has been masked. Making use of data analytics to make a decision but not considering the effect it could have on people is also an issue. Findings are not hundred percent correct therefore a need for proper analysis is effective when it comes to predicting the future. These are some of the things that are causing conundrum with regards to big data and Information

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