What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Camera

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New Modes is a new approach to media as well as technologies. The camera is one of the popular technology inventions. The camera comes from a Latin word, camera obscura which means a dark chamber. A camera is a device to capture or record images and videos. Photography is a new way of capturing the moment instead of painting. When the camera is first developed to the world, people become excited and thrilling as they can directly capture the moment without needed to find inspiration for painting. As said by Aaron Siskind, “Photography is a way of feeling, touching and loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” (70 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, MAY…show more content…
Nowadays, there are so many different types of camera available for users. This camera also available in smartphone where people can bring anywhere they go and even put in their pocket. Mobile Phone in this era has a built-in with the camera. This allows users to take pictures even without using a real camera. They just need to on their phone and open the camera. Camera specs in smartphones also have good quality of photo and video. To buy a camera is quite expensive for some people, therefore with the invention in the mobile phone, there is no more problem of capturing the moment to value for the rest of their life. A digital camera is much easier to use because of the system that has been built into the camera. The small and light body of the camera also contributes to the usage of the camera. As the camera is easy to bring anywhere, people can take pictures, record videos anytime and anywhere without having to set up the camera on the tripod, they just had to switch on the camera and it’s ready to…show more content…
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or well known as a drone is a robot that can fly. Drone is originally used by the military to provide 24-hour protection from the sky. As drone can fly, it has technology such as infra-red camera, GPS, and laser. The military used the drone to monitor their troops from the high view angle so that they can see all things that happening down on the land. The drone has a wide-angle view and can be controlled using a remote. But today, not only military used drone camera, filmmakers even normal people also used the drone. Drone is a tool to go when to capture high angle view, or usually filmmakers used in the opening scene of establishing the

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