Negative Effects Of Technology On Music

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Has Technology Ruined Music? Science and technology is continuously changing our life, since the Industrial Revolution which started from the middle of 19th century. And music, as an indispensable part of all the human beings’ life, is no exception. Digital technology has changed music in irreversible ways, while some people declare that technological advance is a devastating blow towards music. From my personal perspective, technology is not ruining music; indeed, it is boosting the developments of music in various ways, for reasons that will be discussed in this essay. First and foremost, technology provides more diversity and feasibility for music production, which includes composition, performance, recording, audio remixing, etc. In the…show more content…
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However, music represents more than productions. Moreover, technology promotes the development of commercial music industry. During the last century, people utilized only phonographs, walkmans, CD players and tapes in an attempt to listening to music. Only several pieces of music could be saved in their equipments due to the lack of internal storage, and the cost of manufacturing music was quite expensive. Nowadays, music can be accessed everywhere, which means that people can listen to music through diverse approaches. When you hear a song which is beautiful, you can just take out your phone and search for it within a minute. This provokes the development in music industry, as there is a worldwide customer group due to the prosperity in technology. All kinds of music can be diffused to mass media around the world. Cross-countries music productions, which I mentions in the previous paragraph, are also beneficial to music industries. In the past, only artworks that were released in the country could be heard by the masses of this country. These days, even people live in the arctic circle can enjoy the music worldwide. Owing to the global widespread of different types of music, songs, albums and concert tickets can be sold throughout the world, which brings along the global music commercial profit

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