Importance Of Zoos

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Introduction The world is changing rapidly and technological innovations have totally changed the destination of humanity. These changes are not only impacting the human beings but to animals as well. Human is capable of changing themselves to the environment but animals are not able to do this. In order to give animals due to protection, zoos are made and different breeding programs are started. The zoo is such a place where animals are provided with their required and best suitable environment so that they can be protected from any difficulty. On the other hand Breeding programs are planning a breeding schedule which is for several animals or for their several generations. The objective of both is to protect and preserve animal species.…show more content…
Thousands of zoos are being established which are a major source of conservation and education. “Zoos are in a unique position to provide environmental education and conservation education to large numbers of people” (Patrick, 20017). The provided quotation is based on the research study and clearly depicts that zoos and reserve programs are playing an important role in the conservation of animal species and also giving required a unique knowledge to visitors. Zoos were formally established with the aim to provide animals a safe place and to entertain people. Later on, it became an important area of study and an important way to protect animals from the severe negative environment. If these animals live in an open environment, then maybe they become unable to bear the severity of the climate which is due to pollution and temperature. At the zoo, these animals are given protective and safe environment so that their endangered species can be made safe for more years. Here, they are provided with the artificial natural environment so that rare species can live longer. Breeding programs are also getting benefit from these zoos as they can implement their breeding schedules on these animals and can make experiments.…show more content…
If they are left in the natural environment, then human’s activities will take them at the end of their life. To avoid this risk, these animals are kept in a safe environment and provided with required breeding selected by breeding programs, which leads towards the safety of such species. Zoo also provides face to face interaction with these animals and provides a way to know about them keenly. It does not fall into the category of exaggeration if we state that a colossal number of animal species are facing the threat of becoming extinct. It is due to the dramatic and sudden change in the environment. Zoos are protecting animals from extinction by giving the safe and protected environment. A species which is saved through captive programs and zoo can become a reservoir for a new generation (Hone,

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