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Baber Mahal Villas: An Exemplary Quaint Boutique Hotel in the town A newly established high-end boutique hotel set in the existing architectural haven of Baber Mahal Revisited seeks to provide quality service on par with the beauty of Nepal The idea of starting the venture germinated when Virat SJB Rana, an investment banker at Delhi KPMG together with his brother Varun SJB Rana, graduate of Bachelors of Architecture from Washington State University in USA, and Masters in Architecture design and theory from University of Nortingham, left their high-paying jobs and returned back to Nepal to do something special here itself. They wanted to turn a small chunk of land they inherited at the Baber Mahal Revisited premises from their father Gautam…show more content…
"When earthquake happened, we were in the office. We got terrified, as the building was under construction. But, luckily everything was intact as everything was made as per the building code. And, there was no turning back as we had put our career at stake to do something here. Sharing the happy moments into the venture, Varun says, “Laying the foundation stone of the hotel was the day I can't miss. I used to get new joys every next day as I was closer to my dream of starting the hotel. Previously just an empty space here. Now, a new building has been constructed with such an architecture, and business has formally started. I can't express on words how I feel , as I look back at what I have got. But, I'm still waiting for the day when I clear all the loans, the next happiest day in my life," shares Varun. To the youths willing to start something new, Varun suggests to put the work in their heart, and do it to the fullest, and finish it, making it a success and move on to the next. "You can't work on multiple project at once, as like the saying goes, putting legs in two boats leads you nowhere. Make the company a debt free company, and make it as a smooth operating machine. And, then move to the next," suggests

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