Digital Age Research Paper: Student Ethics In The Digital Age

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Student Ethics In the Digital Age Research Paper Final Draft Ever since technology has advanced students have been using it to cheat. Young people have nothing but time to look at and figure out these electronic devices, they figure out all of the widgets and shortcuts. Student ethics have taken a dramatic dive with the development and advances in technology, society concerned about students abusing of technology and working to address the issue, to cheat and what downfalls it has on society now and later on in the future. Students cheat for a number of reasons and,one of those reasons is pressure. Pressure makes young adults and students do unthinkable things just to stay in the fight. In the Article High-Tech Cheating: With the Proliferation of Mobile Devices and Instant Access to the Internet, Cheating Has Become Easier Than Ever. What Can Educators Do to Stop It? says that pressure can trick your brain into doing things for the smallest reason. John K. Walters said that students in High School have more pressure and stress than twenty years ago. The more stress on students comes from all of the higher standards in high school curriculum. It…show more content…
The more a student respects a teacher the more that teacher should in turn treat them with the same mutual respect. Most of times students know that it's harder for the teacher to go through the process of explaining everything about every time a student is caught cheating. Mutual respect could take a lot of the cheating out of the academic world. If students were to be taught to respect teachers and if teachers were taught to treat the student as if they were teaching an adult the students would not want to make that teachers life harder. Worse if that teacher had a mutual respect friendship with a student and that student made that teacher disappointed in them thy would not want that feeling ever

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