Effects Of Technology Essay

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Technology has become a staple in everyday lives. In today’s world, people are consumed by different pieces of technology. However, technology influences one group of people more than others, and that group is the youth. The youth of today are some of the biggest consumers of electronics. They have grown up and continue to grow in a world at the tips of their fingers. With bigger and better devices being brought out year after year, the problem of too much electronics becomes more imperative. Children spend most of their time on some type of device which can become a huge risk. These underlying health issues can become some of the most severe issues one can have, especially a child. Among the harmful issues is addiction. Where children are, addiction can easily be spotted. Most children find the best form of entertainment is through some type of technology. Because of the new devices being brought out year after year such as: smartphones, tablets, and even laptops, keeping up can be hard. However, the children are all over it. With one piece of technology, they are able to find out every new device coming out within the year. This is becoming a…show more content…
Usually, the only exercise a child gets is at recess time during school. While they’re at home, children are not very active. Most times, children start complaining when they are asked to go outside and play. Once they are outside, they look lost and act like they have never been out there. Without exercise, the younger generation can be in grave danger. Obesity is on the line with these kids. Not only do kids like sitting around watching their favorite vides, but they also like to munch on some snacks while they do so. This is not a very healthy lifestyle. Obesity in this form can be avoided be simply getting the children to be more active. Taking away electronics and pushing our children to play outside can do them
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