Difference Between Print And Print Media

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Lately, the world of reading and writing has witnessed a transitional technological revolution which is trying to wipe out anything written, even remotely, with ink. Some people think that the digital industry is trying to eliminate print media on purpose with their huge advertisements while some others think that it's probably the end of ink. But, when you make a comparison between Print and digital media, you'll realize that it's impossible to make one of the side superior over the other as they are interlocked like two gears as one gear can't rotate without the other. Looking at the situation from a different angle will allow us to focus on the environmental side of this dilemma. We can only know which one is more environmental friendly. Unfortunately, the natural resources of this planet are starting to fade away day by day, actually, faster that we think. With people's demand for the cutting-edge, new stories, books and comics; the production companies are getting involved into a marathon of which publishers can sell the most in the least amount of time. This leaves a huge amount of stress on our precious planet. As the book publishers and producers are endorsing for their commercial treats, the e-Book publishers are performing the same strategy on their side, and when it's thought about for a minute, it will be realized that print and Digital's biggest concern is the profit.…show more content…
For what I think is that print media has the least impact on global warming, less energy consumption than digital and more joyful experience throughout reading a printed material for multiple

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