Essay On Credibility Of News

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SEARCHING ABOUT CREDIBILITY… News are the information about an events or happenings, and these information presented to the audiences by newspaper, radio and television , websites ,online .on other words traditional media, traditional media on internet and online. News are transferred by the reporters that cover such an event, the .This information will be edited by the editors to be presented to the audiences. Media is being very effected on audience's minds, Its being their information source. This media is consists of pictures , videos and news. Nowadays, radio are not much usable just on emergency in wars where there is no electrecity and no connection. Audiences are watching news in television, internet and social media. They are focusing their lives on following what happening around them and around the world. Dependency theory had predicted that you as an audiences depend on media information to achieve certain goals. and audiences are being more influenced by media ,because they are taking media as a source of their…show more content…
We talk a lot about credibility and how it is lost by most of channels .And now we should highlight on the credibility of news in the internet where news are transferred by the social media such as whatsapp , facebook and others. News transfered by this ways loose more credibility than that in channels because such news offer "surface" , quick and unverified information, and this chart show us an evaluation comparing the percentage of credibililty between traditional, traditional online. After discussing credibility and how it is lost, we should highlight on the importance of credibility first, for channels or other sources of news and second for audiences
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