Deborah Nucatola's Morning-After Pill A Boon For Women

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In her article "Morning-After Pill a Boon for Women," Deborah Nucatola talk about safety of emergency contraception, and its importance on birth control. Her claim attempts to prove the excellent decision in removing emergency contraception prohibition which affect the life of many women when methods of pregnancy prevention have failed, leading to a critical time before get pregnant. Her claim is one of value. The warrant of her essay is that safe methods of birth control will be accessible without a prescription. Nucatola beginning her article introducing a recently new where allow the commercial sale without a medical authorization of emergency contraception and the prove its safety and efficiency in birth control. Then, Nucatola gives an optimist personal…show more content…
Now Nucatola defines emergency contraception as methods to prevent pregnancy. She bravely explains how pregnancy requires at least six days for the sperm to join with an egg, giving time to emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy by delays ovulation. In this terms, Nucatola clearly establish the difference of emergency contraception and abortion pill since this last one stop pregnancy process by inhibit the production of a necessary hormone, progesterone. Following this, Nucatola mention a long discussion was taken, concerning the limits ages to use emergency contraception. She then proves a fact evidence were not found any important problems about the use of emergency contraception since 1960 and reaffirm with more studies that show the safety of this method. In addition, Nucatola deny the relation made about facility to acquire emergency contraception lead to increase of practice unsafe sex, particularly in teens. She support her decision with fact evidence, showing that teens comprehend the purpose of emergency contraception is not for a regular

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