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PROJECT REPORT ON Nestle on the move IN THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE COURSE REQUIREMENTS OF Organization Planning and Design TERM - 3 Submitted to: Prof. Madhushree Nanda GROUP 4 Aishwarya Singh 14PGHR04 Akash Khatri 14PGHR05 Gurpreet Singh 14PGHR26 Nancy Wadhwa 14PGHR44 Rachit Jain 14PGHR47 Shivi Khandelwal 14PGHR55 Acknowledgement For the successful and satisfactory completion of the project we would like to express our gratitude to our professor Prof. Madhushree Nanda for providing us with a sound base with the theoretical understanding of basic concepts and theories of organization planning…show more content…
Then it acquired Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988 which added brands such as Kit Kat and Aero to Nestle. Thorughout the 1990’s the company acquired many small companies around the world. Even it tried to acquire Hershey’s but the deal failed. Then in 2005 it acquired a Delta Ice cream of Greece. Then to diversify and enter pharmaceutical space as well it acquired Medical Nutrition division of Novartis in 2006. Strategy : The Nestle’s Road Map The company’s vision is “to be the leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness, and the industry reference for financial performance, trusted by all stakeholders”. Nestle has a road map to achieve the objective. The road map is based on the following : 1. Operation Pillars: These are basically core competencies which must be focused on, in order to achieve operational excellence. These are: Operational efficiency, Consumer Engagement, Innovation and Renovation and wherever, whenever and however. 2. Growth Drivers : They provide good prospects of growth. These are Emerging markets, area of Nutrition, health and wellness , Premiumisation and market of Out of home products. 3. Competitive Advantages : These are sources of competitive advantages. These are supreme product and brand portfolio, R&D capability, worldwide presence and its people, its culture and…show more content…
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