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Should a crossbreed dog be a mans best friend? With today’s development in such things as medicine, science and technology, comes a new and interesting evolution, crossbreed dogs. This new type of dog, the crossbreed dog, also known as the designer dog, are supposedly perfect, a canine revolution some may call it. However some such as Wally Conron, inventor of the crossbreed dog known as the Labradoodle, refer to these newly created creatures as Frankenstein’s, failed experiments. Authors Louise Eccles and Harry Mount from the Daily Mail seem to agree to with Mr.Conron’s negative portray on crossbreed dogs. In an article written in 2014 called “The hidden suffering of the dogs bred to be cute”, the authors Ms. Eccles and Mr. Mount successfully…show more content…
One of the strong suits for the essay is its repeated reference to animal experts who provide the article with such facts. One of which is Marc Abraham, a television veterinarian who founded the charity “Pup Aide”, an online petition to ban all puppy and kitten farming in the UK. Mr. Abraham solidifies that crossbreeds are not “designer” dogs. He proves such a point by stating that he has had negative experiences with these dogs in his many surgeries for the past five years of his life. Mr. Abraham states for the article that, “People have fallen for the idea that they’re healthier than pedigree dogs, and that they’re hypoallergenic, which is complete rubbish… You end up crossbreeding breeds, which each often have their own genetic faults. So Labradors are prone to hip problems, and poodles to eyesight problems. Cross-breed them and you get puppies prone to both conditions” (Eccles; Mount). Another positive addition to the logical persuasion of the article is Caroline Kisko, the secretary of the Kennel Club. Ms. Kisko talked about the factual risks of mental health problems in crossbreed dogs. “If you cross a dog that has one instinct, with another that has an entirely different instinct, it will not know if it is coming or going,” (Eccles; Mount). The authors of the article did a phenomenal job in using the combination of logical appeal from multiple animal experts.…show more content…
Morgan for quite a long time in the article. The story was prolonged because the authors, Ms. Eccles and Mr. Mount, decided to turn the story from persuading the audience with an appeal from emotion into an appeal of credibility. They made it a point to include that Miss. Morgan was put in touch with a representative from the local authority. The man told her that she wasn’t alone, that there has been several cases in which dogs from the same shelter as Milo had fallen ill just as Milo and passed away due to something called Giardia. With this new and critical information Miss. Morgan found the families to who were suffering as she was. “When she spoke to the other buyers, she found that puppies of different colors and sizes had identical birth certificates — suggesting they had been forged and that the dogs had been bred elsewhere” (Eccles; Mount). We later learn in the article that Miss. Morgan took Milo’s story to court. She wanted to stop the breeder that gave her Milo from doing what he had done to her and many other families. This case got the attention of campaigners who have raised concerns about the situation. To the audience of the article the authors cited a story in which has credibility. The readers are informed first hand that many people such as Helen Morgan have suffered the same tragic loss of a loving dog. The article then continues to make the audience aware that those people to whom suffered such a

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