Analyzing Mark Matousek's 'Ethical Wisdom'

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Nathaniel Shoemaker English, 1020 Composition Professor, Brandi Homan 19 November 2014 Reflective Cover Letter In the critical framework we were asked to apply an abstract concept to a familiar object (cultural text) and coming up with a new way to see that familiar thing. This concept was to be made from an idea present in Mark Matousek’s book “Ethical Wisdom”. A cultural text is an object written or otherwise, that reveals information about a culture. the cultural text had to be capable of being read and interpreted. When I first approached my culture framework and assignment, I analyze my cultural to see what cultural text I went to write about. as well as to see what abstract concept introduce in Mark Matousek’s book I wanted to apply to…show more content…
I applied greed as my abstract concept that is present in Matousek’s book “Ethical Wisdom”. Greed is present in the Matousek essay “The Green Eyed Monsters. In the critical framework, I argue that “the Coca-Cola Company is exploiting less developed countries of resources, spoiling the environment, as well as bring about an assortment of heath concerns to the consumer” furthermore I state that behind this cleverly constructed image of Coca-Cola Company exists greedy and selfish dollar hungry company exploiting the consumer. In the critical self-reflection assignment, we were asked to compose an essay about our life experiences, by thinking about who we are and what makes our identity, additionally we were asked to come up with our own definition of identity. The critical self-reflection essay shares a story with my readers that make a makes an argument for my identity. When I first approached my critical self-reflection assignment, I analyze my views of personal identity to see what I wanted to write about. my views of the challenges education present to students and how that significantly shaped one’s self identity this is the main concept in my option that shapes

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