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Happiness is an emo on most individuals strive to for. Some people may even say that happiness is one of the more difficult emo ons to maintain. But, is happiness always necessary? While posi ves emo ons are essen al in life, o en mes alterna ve emo ons are undermined. Anger, sadness, and fear are also emo ons vital for an individual's self expression through daily obstacles. Emo ons provoke the brain to be more ac ve by increasing brain ac vity, heightening listening skills, Improving arguing skills, and being able to encourage and mo vate oneself. Richard Schoch states that “Happiness is... well, it’s just ‘feeling good‐ enjoying life and wan ng the feeling to be maintained” (453). Schoch's research provided reasons why the average person…show more content…
David also makes a point to say ,"When you already feel great, why push yourself?" (126). When in a great mood one may feel they are doing the best the possibly can, but when a person is at a low point they will tend to think of ways to improve on their life. If humans lived in a world where everyone sheltered their alternate emo on then nothing would change. Big movements or changes tend to begin when a group of people are angry or fearful over a situa on that has happened. These emo ons make individuals speak out on topics that are a significant issues. "When we’re overly cheerful, we tend to neglect important threats and dangers" (David 124). Big movements on topics such as race, homosexuality or religion would never happen if it weren’t for the people that are upset over a situa on. Anger also sparks the brain to think of how to solve a problem in an effec ve way. "We rely less on quick conclusions and pay more a en on to subtle details that ma er" (David 124). Unhappy people begin to pay close a en on to the problem in hopes to find a way to solve it. These individuals start to speak out and voice their opinion causing a cultural

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