New Girl Go Girl Rhetorical Analysis

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Anne Kingston argues that teenage girls are introduced to feminism ____. Kingston begins building her credibility with personal facts and outside sources by successfully employing classical appeals. In today’s world, social media is the main focus in a teenager’s everyday life. Anne Kingston successfully argues that popular culture revolves around teenage feminism. Kingston includes public reactions, feminist media, activist movements and celebrity endorsement in order to provide the readers with __ information. By using classical appeals, the article “New Girl Go Girl” by Anne Kingston effectively argues that social media, pop culture and well-known celebrities has a large effect on feminism within teenage girls. Throughout her piece, Kingston…show more content…
Kingston provides an overview from Morrigan about the popular novel and film, “50 Shades of Grey”. Morrigan states “you have a young woman, a virgin, and then this powerful man comes along and wakes her up sexually and makes it all these things she does not actually have any interest in doing…this is ridiculous, that this is the template of female sexuality. But it is nothing to do with her thoughts or her feelings or what she wants to do.” The purpose of logos is revealed as the author explains a popular novel and film _________. . Another appeal to logos Kingston uses is Emma Watson, “a United Nations ‘womens goodwill ambassador’ and co star of the Harry potter films,” (New Girl Go Girl). Emma Watson “delivered a powerful speech…Emma discussed the roots of her own feminism, while addressing the fact it is an ‘unpopular word’” (____). These statistics are a few of many that logically support her claim that social media and pop culture have a large effect on social media within teenage girls. Additionally to this idea, Kingston uses the words “marginalized,” “fighting,” “distracting,” “rejecting,” and “aggressive,” in order to appeal the reader to the emotions of

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