A River Plan Too Fishy For My Taste Buds Summary

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River Rights Essay The name of the topic is the River Rights essay. The name of the article is River Plan Too Fishy for my Taste Buds by Bill McEwen. I also chose this because I like his idea of thinking about the river and the plan they want to do. Then I believe the author's credentials, achievements and experiences prove him to be the expert because he's a veteran in journalism who in 35-years career with The Fresno Bee became one of the most known papers personalities during stints as a sport and new columnist and now as its opinion page editor is retiring. One of the senior vice president leaves a large like thank you to McEwen stating that “ Bill is a passionate journalist who puts everything into his work, and he has left an impressive mark with his award-winning reporting”, he said. Therefore that's why I think he has good experience and ect. Then the name of the newspaper is Fresno Bee,March 26, 2009 California residents, mostly read the Fresno Bee…show more content…
An example of pathos in the newspaper from Fresno Bee, March 26, 2009 from McEwen is “The reality is,our federal and state governments will spend hundreds of millions - if not billions - of dollars in coming years on a program that will yield a salmon exhibit instead of a sustainable fishery.”(waste money for little to no results). This is an example of pathos because his emotions well, there emotions are getting all mixed up and like angry. Also because they're wasting all their money on nonsense while they can spend it on something better. Another example of pathos is “ And it’s coming at a time when water shortages already are killing the Valley's west-side, farm-based economy”. This is pathos because they're in fear of that like they're scared about the water shortages which means their emotions are in fear. This also means that they're scared of the water to go up because they can get a flood and with the river still there they won’t

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