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The air that everyone breathes in everyday and breath out 99% of it is made up of what our society breaths in and out is oxygen, water vapor, nitrogen and inert gases. A common type of air pollution happens when people throw up particles into the air from burning fossil fuels. Air Pollution contains millions of tiny molecules floating in the air. A lot of particles can contain dangerous gases, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and chemical vapors. All these side effects if this keeps on going that chemical reactions are once in the atmosphere, it creates acid rain and smog for the climate. Other sources of air pollution can come from within buildings, such as secondhand smoke. Air Pollution is a global problem in all…show more content…
Suddenly near half of a town with 14,000 residents got affected with problems like severe respiratory or Cardiovascular problems. There was some hidden things in Donora’s town some of the residents witnessed that streets were hidden under a thick blanket of gray smog, warm air pocket had passed high above the town, and trapping cooler air below and sealing in pollutants. Air pollution is when bad substances or chemicals like gas goes into the air, and causes odors in the air to be exposed then it'll cause exposure in the air then people will get diseases. Today all over the world this affect is going on and causing deaths, and diseases. The situation to Donora was extreme, but it reflected a trend. Air pollution had become a harsh consequence of industrial growth across the country and world. One of these organizations named The Clean Air Task Force (CATF), supports that Air Pollution isn’t good for our world, and the CATF is trying to reduce Air Pollution happening. The CATF was organized by more than two dozen state and local national and public organizations. The CATF says, “In 2005, they cut 60% cuts in health and environmental pollutants from all these plants.” (“CATF- About

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