Sport Facility Management Case Study

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I believe everyone enrolled themselves in sporting events or playing with sport facilities in sport club minimum once in their lifetime. Sport facilities included basketball court, gym equipment, badminton court,golf field, stadium and a lot other more. But, we probably don’t know the behind scene of every sporting event or facilities when those games and facilities were all running smoothly. This hardworks are all done by facilities manager or director. Next, based on survey from Payscale, the median annual salary for sport facility manager in the US is $82,110 and equals to RM 328411.26. This amount of ringgit Malaysia follows the latest convertion rate. However, there are a lot of reposibilities that facility manager need to carry. In…show more content…
They must possess strong interpersonal and public relations skills for communicating details about event properly. Furthermore, their leadership abilities are also important because they often manage their employees and split their roles to play in a successful sport event. A sport facility manager also must having managerial, critical thinking, problem solving skills, fast decision-making, strategic planning, and other related business skills. In this sport management career, to become a sport facilities manager, having a post-secondary education is not always required but it is often requited to stand out against competition in this field. If possible, earning a sports management degree is advised for building essential knowledge specifically in sport management, sport marketing, sport law, facilities management, sport revenue, sport sales, fitness management, event management, sport licensing, and…show more content…
Security and medical factors are very important in making an sport event to be successful. The need to protect assets, money, participants, and fans is paramount for any event. This safety steps must start to be prepared or developed few months or a year before the event. Pre-event security issues are primarily associated with crowd management. For example, when will the event start? Will happen overloaded situation before an event, if the crowd are too big, will it exceed the facility’s capacity? How is the traffic condition when come important event is going to start? This are basically the factor should be consider when organising an event. Any bleaching of factor above might cause the customers’s safety in

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