Effects Of Environmental Pollution Essay

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FREE WRITING 3: The appearance of human species about 400.000 years ago was the most great evolution in natural world. In spite of being the most intelligent creature, it was humanity that had the most negative impact on the environment on earth. The discovery of fire and the invention of steam engine brought about a revolution in human life due to the fact that it helped humans to make great advances in technology, industry, argriculture,..However, this progress also produced the opposite effect to the environment: many rivers and oceans were polluted by chemicals and fertilizers from factories and farmland, the air was damaged by fumes,… This essay will raise important questions about the effects of environmental pollution on human life.…show more content…
That the living things, including water and air are being polluted affects directly to human’s health. The advantage of the amount of fumes created by burned fossil fuels: oil and coal in the engines damages the air and then, brings about irreparable damage to the human body. That fumes in the air from cars and lorries contain lead can limit the growth of the children’s brain. When people exposure to a wide of stimuli in the air such as environmental (e.g., wood-burning stove) and occupational dusts, fumes, gases and chemicals, it can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung carcinoma or can play a role in the development of asthma. In addition, massive rubbish-heaps are ideal places for flies and mosquitoes to multiply rapidly. That the population of these vectors of diseases expands rapidly is an excellent condition for outbreaking of infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus,… In conclusion, environmental pollution lead to the unexpected outcome that the poverty of rations can occur in many places, natural disasters happen increasingly and harmfully, the rate of disease increases,… Accordingly, the alleviation of the effect of environmental pollution is our challenge, humans have to make a major alteration to the lifestyle and governments need to undertake to formulate new anti-climate change policies,.. Everything is for a better

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